So there you are.........
Riding your new high dollar ATV with those "big-buck" engine mods (hey, you've got that dyno sheet in your back pocket to prove it) when quick as a flash, some plain looking machine with a real sweet sounding engine shows you what second place feels like...........
Nobody builds better engines than B&B.
From mild porting to super-strong cranks, making a stocker into a sleeper is what we do best.  Year in and year out, bringing together OEM reliability with race winning performance has put B&B engines out front.
 Yamaha Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Honda Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
These are just some examples of popular mods we have done.
Kawasaki, Polaris or Suzuki, we can make your ride faster.  We ask you what you want, and give you a plan to get there.  For us it's not about how many parts we can sell you, but how many places closer to the front we will get you!
Fuel Injection mapping our specialty!
The "new breed" of high performance 4-strokes require expertise in computers.  What good is a ported head if it's not matched by a killer fuel map?  We have proprietary software and the skills to use it that gives us an edge.  Your winning edge.